Demonstration: VST Amp Rack from Cubase 6 – How does it sound?

Super quick demo of the VST Amp Rack from Cubase 6

Pod Farm: Gate – Screamer – Threadplate Dual – Threadplate cabinet (0% room and 67 mic) – Compressor

VST Amp Rack: Gate – Overdrive – Diamond amp – British Custom cabinet (close center with 60% to U87 side) – Compressor – EQ

So pretty similar stuff in terms of chain: Gate – OD – Mesa – Cabinet – Comp – (EQ)

Signal chain: LTD EC1000 – M-Audio Profire – Ampsim – 100hz highpass and 9khz lowpass – Sum group. In Group: C1 gate – Waves Renessaince Ax – One band of EQ -5dB at 350hz

Bass is Fender Jazz Blacktop – Pod Farm – EQ – Limiter. “Power Pop” preset in Pod Farm, that I slightly tweaked. It has only Gate – Rock Classic (aka Ampeg)

Music used: ahjteam – Water

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Joey Sturgis POD patch preset settings

I originally wrote this on the Andy Sneap forum here, but here is the same text in more condensed format. So this is basically the 2005-2009 Joey Sturgis tone, and I understood he is selling very similar patch on his official store.

So what you need is POD XT [PRO] (with Metal Pack), POD X3 or POD FARM PLATINUM and an EQ plugin (pretty much any will do). This DOES NOT work with normal Pod Farm, stock Pod XT or Pod HD. Then the signal chain is pretty simple: POD -> EQ -> Guitar group

POD settings:
(Noise gate)
Stomp: Tube Screamer
– gain 75
– drive 15
– tone 50
Amp: MS-Diamondplate (“Cali Diamond Plate” in Podfarm Platinum)
– drive: “amp gain around the breaking point of too much crunch on chugs. have the guitarist chug over and over again, make sure he’s doing a good chug. then slowly turn the gain up until it sounds edgy enough”
– bass mids and treble: ~50% (mix to taste)
– presence: ~60%
Cab: 4×12 Threadplate
– condencer mic (67)
– room 0%

Channel EQ settings:
EQ (always): Highpass 50-100hz, Lowpass 12khz
EQ (threadplate cab specific): cut at 800hz, cut at 4khz
EQ (suggestions): Boost between 300-400hz, boost 5-8khz for clarity

NOTE: USE THESE SETTINGS ONLY AS A STARTING POINT, and also note that THIS TONE WILL SUCK BY ITSELF ALONE, use it in context (2 or 4 takes of rhythm guitars + bass + drums). To quote him:

Me: What pickups have you made your presets for? EMG’s?
Joey: “all sorts – i just adjust it per guitar, each time.”

DISCLAIMER: Do note that this patch is UNOFFICIAL and has directly nothing to do with Joey or his studio.

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