Hi, since you clicked on this page, you apparently feel adventurous to see what is here, or then you just really like my stuff and possibly even feel like donating to me. Well, there is a few ways you can do that:

1) If I’ve made your day, saved you a lot of pain and headaches… Just donate money to me. You can use PayPal for that. Don’t feel like paying money straight to me, since you know that I’m most likely going to use it on beer? How about possibly clicking on the advertisement links on my YouTube videos. I get a few cents per click.

2) Or how about buying yourself some awesome Waves plugins with a nice 10% discount? I’m down with that too. Use this referral link.

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5) Struggling artist or upcoming producer? Want me to mix some of your music or some one-on-one lectures from me via Skype? Hit me on any of the aforementioned ways and we’ll talk business. If I can use your music material on a video, I’ll even give you a small discount.

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