Explanation why there are so many analog modelled plugins

This might need a bit of back story: Recording pretty much started with just analog gear. Professionals used bigger (and smaller) consoles, and they were satisfied with the sound and workflow that they were getting. Pro Tools was a fairly easy jump for them, because the workflow stayed relatively similar as with an analog console with a big patch bay. But the problem was that the plugins didn’t sound the same, when you dialed in the same values as you were used to with analog gear. Then companies like Waves, UAD and many many many others started modelling the behavior and sound of these analog gear. Here I am demonstrating the difference between the Pro Tools stock Digi EQ (which btw is incredibly good stock plugin) and the Waves SSL EQ, just to give you a small taste what is the difference between the plugins that have digital design vs the ones that have analog design: The numbers just blatantly LIE on the analog gear. I also proved this on my Pultec video.

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