My Music

So, even tho I don’t think myself as a musician, I still like to dabble on basic band instruments, and I my solo projects name is “ahjteam” (for those who wanted to know what it means – “ahjt” are my initials, combined with “am” it means “I am”… kinda like Jesus). Currently you can’t buy my music anywhere, but I’ve published a good amount of it on Soundcloud and Facebook, and my music can be listened on many of the tutorials. You can check out my 2013 six song “Power Current Streams EP” (featuring Oskar Solja) here:

Similarly to ahjteam, “Power Current Streams” is also a play on words – all of those words are translated to “Virta” in Finnish, and the plural form of “Virta” is “Virrat”, which is a City in the Central-Finland; I was studying there at the TAMK university, Oskar was born there, and we met there.

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