Taher Shah – Eye To Eye (metal cover)

Had to track vocals at 1am, so I had to keep quiet, so the vocals are sub par, but don’t worry about that. It’s a parody anyways, and it has now more old school hardcore punk vibe to them. I actually recorded the original solos, but they were so dreadful that I just dropped them and decided to do a bit more straightforward lines. Drop D tuning, three chords that goes thru the song: D5, E5, F#5, E5

Original here

Eye to eye
Eye to eye
Essential, sensational eyes
My eyes and your eyes
Colorful eyes, (y)our eyes
Fabulous, exciting eyes

Eye to eye
Eye to eye

Keep your love in the soul
Make love with eye to eye
Your face and glorious eyes
I can see with my spectrum eyes
It’s a genuine classic love
Glowing with your sparkling eyes
Our elegant special love
Sincere promise blessful love

Eye to eye
Eye to eye
Simple charming eyes
My eyes and your eyes
Dreaming fairies eyes, our eyes
Stylish excellent human eyes

Eye to eye
Eye to eye

Eye to eye makes epic era love life time once in a life
Substantial love is heaven for precise eyes
Our eyes, my eyes, your eyes
Eye to eye…

Beautiful eyes has endless love
Your eyes are like sunshine
Your precious heart belongs to me because I love you
True love always smile
You are mine, always mine
Your love is faithful forever and ever
Without you I’m like a butter fly without a fly

Eye to eye
Eye to eye

Wonderful, gorgeous eyes
My eyes and your eyes
Emotional and happy eyes
All lovely eyes full of life

Eye to eye
Eye to eye

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Mixing pop music

Do notice that this is a master class video, so you are expected to understand something about mixing when watching this video, it is not explaining the basics of Pro Tools. Watch the video with annotations for more enjoyable viewing experience.

Quick navigation:
0:00 Beginning
0:30 Finished reference mix
1:40 Color coding
3:00 Mixer reset
4:00 Send effects introduced (Finnvox EMT plate impulses here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6b5kmc4I3o )
5:25 Panning
5:57 Fader balance
13:35 First listening pass
15:00 First plugin
19:29 Send effects applied
23:07 Delay throw automation
24:25 Vocal processing
27:55 Radio / Telephone effect
30:37 Vocal group processing
37:33 Vocal highpassing
41:00 Explanation why I mix against the master bus limiter
41:48 Keyboard group processing
46:20 Check that bridge transition sounds natural
47:12 Listening elements at lower volume
48:20 Side chaining kick to the bass
51:55 Fourth listen thru
53:40 Opening the last track
54:30 Final words
54:50 Mystery EQ in the master bus explained

Plugins used:

Waves C1
Waves CLA-2A
Waves CLA-76
Waves GTR (Stomp 2)
Waves Doubler
Waves H-Delay
Waves IR-Live
Waves L1
Waves PAZ Analyzer
Waves Renaissance Bass
Waves Renaissance Compressor
Waves Renaissance DeEsser
Waves Renaissance Vox
Waves Q10

Song: Jacoby Michael Filand – Drift Away


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