Ohm Studio: First time use experience and getting started

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0:00 Install
0:30 Create account
0:54 First view of Ohm Studio and creating new project
1:55 First view of the project window
2:15 Preferences panel
3:05 Basics of the interfaces: Help, change tempo,
4:13 Recording audio
5:20 Inserting plugins
6:38 Disabling tooltips
7:50 Making another track, panning
9:00 Zooming, trimming, looping
9:40 MIDI
10:10 Opening plugin
11:35 Moving MIDI notes
12:14 Adding MIDI notes
12:30 Quantizing MIDI
14:15 View modes
14:40 Basic tools
15:48 Tip for dual screen users

Anssi Tenhunen

Sound Engineer from Finland.

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