Session organization and rough mix

Step 1: 0:21 Import files, put rough mix to the top of the track list and listen to it
Step 2: 2:00 Organize and color code the tracks
Step 3: 5:45 Bus/group your tracks
Step 4: 6:30 Starting the mix: Faders only mono mix
Step 5: 9:45 Static panning
Step 6: 11:20 Highpass filter everything
Step 7: 14:30 Use shared effects, like reverb, via sends
Step 8: 16:40 Reference your mix to the rough mix
Step 9: 20:35 Try how loud and low level elements of the track react to limiting, even if you are not mastering the track yourself (just take it off before you send it for mastering and lower the master fader)
Step 10: 23:50 Mix until done.

Extra tip: 22:05 How to carve space

Remember to watch until the end for bonus material 🙂

Track: ahjteam – Where’s my home?
Check the finished demo version at 23:50
Check the finished full song at 25:35

Also check out FAWM (February Album Writing Month) at

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