MUSIC: Psy – Gangnam Style (English metal cover)

If you are in Japan or South Korea, check the original version that I uploaded. It got blocked everywhere except Japan and South Korea because I used the original vocal stems, here is the re-upped version without the original vocals and me doing Engrish vocals instead. I did the “open condom style” Engrish style vocals with REALLY tongue in the cheek from words that sounded similar as the syllables in the original lyrics, so they make as little sense as the original lyrics to non-korean speakers.

Engrish lyrics:

Open condom style
Condom style

Imagine the time
when I saw Incas doing yoga
Copy her every move
and I am pumping inner yourself
But me, I’m a shin guard
and a coward in a yoga
couldn’t come on inner yourself

Now I saw an elf
I didn’t know Günther
But he also saw an elf
copy she couldn’t watch the tv
And I saw an elf
But if Jimmy saw the Tarzan Bar
Saw an elf, but I couldn’t say

Couldn’t tell you
Silence surrounds her
Couldn’t know
Couldn’t’ve known
She can put her legs behind her head

Open condom style
Hey sexy lady

Tongue sucking boy, seaman, started doing yoga
Eat ten and then she pull more cotton
marry, pulling yourself
cannot seaman, went man
And now she bought her man, she said
couldn’t come on inner yourself

Do you know Korea, not the north?
Baby baby, I know more?
No, I don’t know?
You know what I’m saying?

Couldn’t decide what sub genre of metal it is, because it’s not djent, and it’s not numetal, metalcore and it’s not industrial metal, so I’ll just call it metal.

LEARN TO PLAY THE SONG: I made slight changes to the song, but nothing too tragic. The one that is easiest to notice is that I played this stuff 2 octaves lower at drop B tuning. I actually changed all chords minor, because major chords sounds gay in metal. The song has pretty much just one riff that is repeated thru out the song, except on the chorus. Because the original synth riff has quite a lot of pitch bending and modulation I’m not 100% sure if I did the riff correctly, but in my version it goes like this: 000-001-000-3101 and then on the last time the variation is 000-001-555777, on the “sexy lady” part I just chugged on the open chord 000-000-000-000-etc, on the original it follows the same synth riff. In the chorus I’m not 100% sure how it goes in the original, but I just went 8—5—0—0001133 and then chugged on 5 repeatedly on the breakdown buildup at the end of the chorus

Original here if you haven’t heard it

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MUSIC: Gnesa – Wilder (metal parody cover)

Learned and recorded the song in 3 hour, has only four parts that make no sense at all. Mixing and autotuning took most of the time. And yes, my vocals suck (too). Drop D tuning

A: laa la la la la
B: nothing
C: I don’t wanna be moved by the feelings, I just want to follow the evening, don’t stop me, I can’t be better, you can’t go, a little bit of wilder
D: take me higher, lets get wilder
repeat until end

Original here

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