MUSIC: Max Harris – High (reggae cover)

Found the genre appropriate to the lyrics.

For those who want to play along or make their own version: A D A E thru out the whole song, just like in the original. I sang and played everything you hear here. Played and sang reggae for the first time in my life, was really fun. Took about 9 hours to make. The tracks were:

– midi drums (the “funk kit” that comes free with Kontakt player seemed pretty good for the genre after minor tweaking, so I used it)
– 1 bass track
– 1 clean guitar track
– 3 synth tracks (one e-piano that plays stabs, one organ pad, one synth pad)
– 6 tambourine tracks
– 16 vocal tracks (4 “rasp”, 2 “delay tracks”, 1 “eq track”, 8 clean vocals, 1 rec track)

Original here

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