Demonstration: VST Amp Rack from Cubase 6 – How does it sound?

Super quick demo of the VST Amp Rack from Cubase 6

Pod Farm: Gate – Screamer – Threadplate Dual – Threadplate cabinet (0% room and 67 mic) – Compressor

VST Amp Rack: Gate – Overdrive – Diamond amp – British Custom cabinet (close center with 60% to U87 side) – Compressor – EQ

So pretty similar stuff in terms of chain: Gate – OD – Mesa – Cabinet – Comp – (EQ)

Signal chain: LTD EC1000 – M-Audio Profire – Ampsim – 100hz highpass and 9khz lowpass – Sum group. In Group: C1 gate – Waves Renessaince Ax – One band of EQ -5dB at 350hz

Bass is Fender Jazz Blacktop – Pod Farm – EQ – Limiter. “Power Pop” preset in Pod Farm, that I slightly tweaked. It has only Gate – Rock Classic (aka Ampeg)

Music used: ahjteam – Water

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