MUSIC: Breathing Awaits – Architecting Our Sins (lyric video)

Breathing Awaits
Architecting Our Sins
from the 2012 Breathing Awaits “Architecting Our Sins” -EP
Finnish metal / metalcore

Composer: Roope Nieminen
Lyrics: Oskar Solja, Anssi Tenhunen
Arrangement: Breathing Awaits
Recorded and Mixed: Anssi Tenhunen
Mastering on the EP: Teemu Kinnunen
Video by Anssi Tenhunen

resonating contour lines
lifeless stars are fading out

while creating
plans with fallacy
facts are dissolving
this longing for materials
in this web of lies
fictions are to be made

everyone is asking
everyone is praying
everyone is pleading
end this life right now (x2)

brainwashing spreading
into our eyes
contaminating innocent minds

if they can’t see
that we are crumbling
(from our lies)
all this weakness
spreads and grows
from our fears
(from ours sins)

galaxies are colliding
but still we stand here
to see everything disappearing
from our subconsciousness



spread out your wings
fly away to distant land
where we are reborn

if you can’t leave
then we can make your dreams
come true

this is our absolution
we leave this forsaken land
and we welcome this life without sin

while everyone is in this world
we all are playing innocent


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